Monday , April 19 2021

UDI Deputy Ignacio Urrutia: "The Ethics Commission is Worthy to Call" | Country

UDI Member Ignacio Urrutia confirmed that Mapuche MPs Emilia Nuyado did not consider Parliament's Chamber when his interviews were in the first minutes questioned by Interior Minister André Chadwick in Mapudungun.

Talk to Radio ImaginaA lawyer also denied questioning ironically if he spoke English.

Urrutia explained that he felt it was a pity Nuyado hshe spoke in a language that she had not understood in the room, and she therefore suggested that the Secretary of State should answer in English, even if she did not understand it.

"One thing is to say that to greet Mapudungun is nothing wrong, and there is still the case that talking to Mapudungun for five minutes, you will realize that everyone who was there did not understand what he said is a lack of respect, " he said. a man who has protected the Pinochet dictatorship hemicycle.

"Continuing with the same lack of respect she had done, I told her "the minister answers him in english", because if she answered English, she would hang down, hang herself at her back, and people who were invited to the countryside would also hang.

Deputy Emilia Nujado

"The idea is that If the official language of Chile is Spanish, then we speak about Spanish. He always spoke Spanish in the Chamber of Deputies, so there is no reason to use a non-official language, "he added.

The Urrutian deputy has deepened his observations that the congregation did not respect the use of the Mapuche language and confirmed that the Commission, which shared with Nuyado, told him that he did not know how to speak.

"It was a lack of respect for me. It was laughing at all of Chile. Those who came to laugh at the Chilean or the authorities were that they spoke five minutes in a language that nobody understood, "he said.

The parliamentarian also decided on the importance of the ethics committee, which considers sanctions for his attitude, during the defense.

"The Ethics Commission is no longer the same. They deformed it completely. It was a very respectable institution that was transferred to special ethical committees in special parliamentary cases. Today, every parliamentarian who says the word that they do not like the left, because they have the largest share in this commission, they immediately hand it over. Today, the ethics commission is worthy of a call, "he said.

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