Friday , January 28 2022

Twitter can change radically and they want to do it with the community


The new application for tests and modifications that could change the face of social networks is what comes.

Twitter is a social network that is essentially open. However, it also has problems. Knowledge of how to deal with harassment, negotiation and visibility of community perception is a topic. So they are launching a new program.

Although the company already has a place for testing with specific users, this new beta program will work differently. In the coming weeks, a virtual space will be launched where several functions will be available to a single user group on a separate application.

Twitter will analyze the feedback with these users and will find a way for other tweeters to implement the new features in the most appropriate way. This group, although it will be reduced compared to the total, will be able to publicly share properties, consult other people and comment freely. Sarah Haider, Chief Product Manager, said TechCrunch:

"Unlike traditional beta, which is the last step before launching, we are starting to involve people. It is a new way of thinking about product development. We know that we are making changes that are quite important and we need to take part in this process." to find out if we are building the right experience. "

What's next?

After the beta, users can download a separate beta program. What will you find? In principle, you will notice colors to differentiate between the main messages. The colors will also be used to identify the following people's answers and those who do not.

Another interesting topic that will be tested will be algorithmically arranged answers. Even when you read long threads, you can mark the most interesting messages or the ones you want to return later.

Similarly, another experiment analyzed by Twitter is what you need to do with your interaction buttons to simplify the look of your answers. One of the questions is their instant placement or click-through. In this context, they would even appreciate how to prevent a typical pleasant heart.

Obviously, all this will have to be evaluated in the coming months for the social network with the feedback received. A step in the social network like Twitter is needed.

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