Tuesday , October 26 2021

Truth behind the Harry-style tattoo on the singer Kelsey Carter's face: it was a false Society


Photo of a new singer who tattooed her face Harry's styles in her face This week he went around the internet.

It was about Kelsy Karter (24), a New Zealand translator who has over 40,000 reproductions of each of his videos on YouTube and 11,000 monthly listeners at Spotify, but is not very popular in the world.

The author of this "artwork" was tattooist and youtuber Romeo Lacoste, from Los Angeles (California, United States) with a million followers Instagram.

The young woman shared the results on social networks, affecting everyone and gaining fame. "Mom, just look what I did", wrote next to the pictures where he is seen with the skin.

After a few days he decided to tell the truth: It turned out that the amazing tattoo was completely and completely false.

A video that I will upload to YouTube and is eligible forHow I shook the world for $ 300 (as I shook the world for $ 300)), he assured it was an internet joke.

"[Romeo] He discovered that the Rolling Stone cover in 2017 formed Harry and put it on my face. Then the rest was a special effect makeup artist, "
he said, "By the way, we know that it seemed ridiculous. That was the question," he added.

"We uploaded the photo, we made the assembly, and we prepared to change our life … Our plan worked. The picture was everywhere," he said.

Within three days, Carter locked his driver's house, but finally decided to recognize the truth. "The tattoo wasn't real. But I love that Harry has covered the younger generations. It's also nice to see …" he said.

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