Thursday , January 27 2022

tricks so no one knows that the person is "online"


WhatsApp is part of people's lives and has become indispensable for those who try to interact with each other at any time of the day. However, some of its features mean that it is not noticed in the social network.

Any user in the world knows that when you enter WhatsApp, the option appears at the top of the "connected" or "online" screen.

Of course, in many cases, users are looking for a way to prevent this feature from being activated. The goal is not to notice and no one controls the motion application.

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The data is not visible

AhoraNoticias de Chile's website published a series of simple and very beneficial events so that none of the contacts would know the person's network activity.

1. WhatsApp offers an alternative answer without entering an application. This happens when a message is displayed for any message and can be answered immediately.

In this step, no one will know that this person is connected. However, if the text sent by the contact exceeds what is allowed, it cannot be fully respected.

2. Mobile phones offer an alternative to "airplane mode" to disconnect from the network. This way, you can access WhatsApp without the knowledge of any person.

However, if someone wants to talk and immediately, it won't be possible. "Airplane mode" prevents the connection and accesses this mode of operation

3. There are platforms that help you not appear online. One is "Unseen – Hide and Read". It is available for Android and is very easy to use.

"Invisible-Hide and Read" collects notifications that come to WhatsApp and saves them in your application. This will allow the user not to appear "online" and has no problems, for example, to respond to messages.

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