Saturday , April 1 2023

"Tonka Tomicic has been an animator at the Viña del Mar Festival"


The Las Condes Festival ended this weekend. The competition was based on the animation of Conductor 13, Tonka Tomicic.

Theme analyzed on Monday in Sin Límite de Radio Agricultura. In this case, Patricia Maldonado stressed the manager's job and said that "Tonka has been dedicated to major festivals so far. She has too much if the festival is more or less, each site has its own story. I think Tonka would have been an animator of the Viña del Mar festival. .

Recall that TVN host Maria Luisa Godoy will be a member of the 2019 event, before Patricia explained that "I am not saying that Maria Luisa Godoy is not a Viña festival, I say Tonka It was a Viña festival. "

Check the moment below:

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