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Tiporgra »Deputy Castro asks for" justice "for a 11-year-old girl infected with HIV after surgery in Rancagua Hospital

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A child under the age of 11 years reported that her daughter was infected with reactive HIV when she was taken to the Rancagua Regional Hospital. From the above, after the girl's surgery with non-sterile material.

According to the complainant, the operation would have been carried out on 27 October in connection with a "tremendous operation" aimed at reducing waiting lists where, in addition to their daughter, 15 other minors would be subject to the same conditions.

The minor mother said that "On 31 October, the hospital's assistant director refers to us and points out to my daughter that the ward has been neglected and surgical material that has not been sterilized before it was necessary to conduct my daughter's blood tests to exclude HIV and hepatitis. "

Later, "my daughter's father goes to see the topic with a pediatrician, and there he is told that HIV is reactive," said the mother of a poor mother.

The complainant explains that "this is a terrible, powerful emotional blow." That the girl is eleven years old, she just goes through the prenatal age, and that these things are unfair. Children's right to high-quality health is violated. Imagine that one goes for the disease and comes with another disease worse. "

"You never think that you're touching it, maybe you're an adult, yes, but not a girl. It's a difficult question, and it's hard to do," says a woman.

On behalf of Juan Luis Castro, Chairman of the Health Assembly of Members, this case is "unacceptable". He adds that "it is unlikely that in a very complicated hospital in Chile in the 21st century there are children who can be infected with infectious diseases only because the surgical material used in the operation is not properly sterilized, manipulated or exposed to contagious human blood. It is an openly unacceptable fact . "

"I need an immediate explanation," said Castro, pointing out that "obviously there is a carelessness of the people who are responsible for ensuring the stability of the surgical operations."

"I demand complete information that is encountered and that those who have been affected by the infection are right from a joint operation that was carried out a few days ago," said Parliamentary Higgins.

It is expected that the results of new samples will be sent to the Institute of Public Health (ISP) this time in the next ten days.

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