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Tipopgrafo »ISP results will detect suspected juvenile infections with a reactive HIV infection in Rancagua Hospital

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A child under the age of 11 years reported that her daughter was infected with HIV-positive, a result of surgical intervention with non-sterile materials at the Rancagua Regional Hospital. They came out of the healthcare center at the critique, and they stated that a summary had been prepared and Fiscalía had been put forward by their predecessors.

"On October 27, 15 almond children were operated and the pavilion reported a break in the surgical process associated with possible changes to the sterilization portion," explained Cecilia Piotrowski, director of the Rancagua Regional Hospital. .

Upon detection of the inconsistency, the professional confirms that she "has been informed by the director and has taken immediate measures with the health service", which relates to the opening of the administrative summary and the availability of records held by the public prosecutor's office.

In parallel, according to Piotrowski, "preventive action was taken for all patients who were taking advantage of this opportunity".

Regarding the reactive HIV diagnosis, the specialist emphasized that "it is very low reactivity and approval is ongoing" and specifies that "no infection has been detected so far".

The professor explains that "there is a slightly gray bar that is being expelled many times by many patients and approved by the ISP." He therefore insists that to this day, "not infected with the patient".

In the same line, he stressed that "everything that implies HIV, we approve this girl, is negative. All the exams have been negative, but we will do our part to be more confident, another example within three months."

In this regard, he insisted that "we can not pronounce ourselves any kind of infections until it is approved."

Therefore, the results of the new sample are expected to be sent to the Public Health Institute (ISP) within the next ten days.

"The management of the hospital, together with the Health Service's transparent action, condemned this fact: MPs, patients were not condemned here, but it was the Health Direction," said Cecilia Pietrowski, adding that "here was the face, it was explained to each of the children parents and supervise them. We will do our best to leave parents and children. "

Finally, speaking of an internal summary of a regional hospital, Piotroski informed that "we will carry out an entire investigation of the whole process of the pavilion," adding that "it focuses on everything that involves this process, it's officials, doctors, all sterilization processes. "

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