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Three years ago Flavia Medina: Joaquín Méndez enjoys sex

Possible video leak that may have Joaquín Méndez I had sex with a man who was still talking.

Méndez came out to curb speculation and the despair it caused in social networks, explaining two main points. And later she even allowed tears in the morning show "Mucho Gusto" when the Argentine people confirmed that the award was similar "killer heart".

It was added again to his Instagram where he invited users to respect others. "Find your light, don't hurt"he said.

The situation has been an indirect victim, one of them was Leo Méndez Jr., who met in Sweden with former Méndez Camila Recabarren as a person responsible for clearing the records, which definitely disrupted him.

But now they are some of the fans of reality that show they played against Joaquín Méndez as an excerpt from "Will you return to your ex?" in which Flavia Medina, another former Argentine couple in one group dynamics, made a compromising testimony.

Three years have already been counted, as Medina confirmed "I know him, it happened to me that I learned he was going out with friends at the same time, I learned and he tells me or shows me videos".

"He likes filming sex, and yes, I've seen some videos"he was convicted.

This clip was posted to Instagram @ realityculiao, highlighting a statement that is now completely new.

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