Monday , October 18 2021

This Sunday, Loto will distribute $ 11,200 million pesos


Never before was the famous phrase "luck is cast" so important. And this weekend, Lottery draws the highest ever of all nationally registered gambling.

This year's Classic Lotus numbers have been the most serious in their history. And last Thursday was no exception, because after 41 draws without winners again no one was able to make and pick juicy.

"That's why this Sunday, February 3, increases expectations every minute, as Loto Clásico will be giving $ 9,460 million for the first time with 6 beats, which means it's well estimated to be distributed at $ 11,200 million. ”Reported by this folk game operator.

Lotus pot February 3, 2019 SCREEN CAPTURE

For those who played Lotus with multiple options, there were winners. Two Desquite (played by Las Condes and Viña del Mar), each with a sum of 221 million pesos. Jubilazo also had two lucky ones. One in La Serena, with a million pesos as a reward, and one in Rengo, which was 500 thousand pesos, both for 20 years.

"We are very welcome. It is unprecedented and the whole country is very attentive to the results. We know that we are a game that supplies millions of countries in the country, and so we hope that on this Sunday we will end up driving him or the winners will be able to make their dreams come true thanks to Loto, ”said Cristobal Padruno, Product Manager at Lotus.

"And technological opportunities can also put stakes on We don't have to forget that the only requirement to win Lotus is to play it," Padruno concluded.

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