Friday , October 22 2021

This dinosaur was a really brutal predator


Scientists analyzed the excrement excavated by arosaur and were surprised.

The Paleontologist Group at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, published a study in scientific reports in which they mentioned that they found bone fragments in dinosaur excavations or coprolytes.

Experts found that there are 10 large coprolites in Poland, which, in their opinion, belonged to the Arkosaurus Smok Wawelski. This species has not been a dinosaur of any kind, as it was one of the major predators of the triage of 210 million years ago.

The analysis of the samples showed that they contained up to 50% of the bones of animals from different time species. They were also next to the crushed teeth, which probably belonged to the arosaurs themselves, who could eat them after eating hard food.

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