Saturday , January 29 2022

This could be the new iPhone to be released in 2019


Although the year is just the beginning, Apple he is already working on his roadmap for 2019 to address this problem The consequences of the China-United States trade war and bad year closing he had a bag.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, the company would already move its chips and define some details the new iPhone to be presented this year.

That means Apple will present three new models, broken down as follows: t

The successor of the iPhone Xs Max:

The iPhone 11 Max (whose name is not confirmed) would be 6.5-inch screen and it would be a novelty, including a triple camera on the backwhose functionality is not yet known.

The successor of the iPhone "regular" Xs:

On the other hand, iPhone 11 "Traditional" I would have a screen 5.8 inches and unlike the Max model I keep a double rear camera and not I go to the triple camera. This opens the opportunity The new iPhone 2019 is not only different in size but also specifications.

IPhone Xr successor:

Despite criticism, Apple would also have a folder to restore the most "economic" of its devices, the iPhone XR, and its update in 2019 would be a major innovation: double-chamber inclusion at the backunlike the current one with only one.

Apple he has not referred to this Wall Street Journal publicationbecause it is not known whether the company will continue to maintain its pricing policy, or, if at the end of these difficult months, it will finally decide to reduce them.

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