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They will try to use contraceptives for men in the United States

Scientists from the United States government will test a experimental contraception method for men, which would be a breakthrough and create greater equality for the family planning burden, which is largely determined by women.

The study is responsible for National Health Institutes and there will be 420 pairs. Experimental treatment is a gel used on the back and shoulders that combines two types of hormones to stop sperm production, while maintaining the energy value of testosterone and libido.

"This gel would be the first method of contraception that the user controls for men after the appearance of a condom," said Diana Bite, head of the National Childrens Health and Human Development Contraception Development Program. "We hope that this is an acceptable method of contraception that the couple wants to use."

The gel is a mixture of progestin and testosterone, and researchers will test its effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. For people who use condoms, 12 to 13 percent have an opportunity to end, while hormonal contraceptives are about 7 percent ineffective.

"There are men who may want to control their fertility and may or may not have monogamous relationships," said Blitz, who will participate as a research participant in a telephone interview. "It would be possible for them."

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