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They found feathers between Paz Bascuñán and a lawyer who accused Nicolu Lopez

Yesterday, between Paz Bascuñán and Juan Pablo Hermosilla, a lawyer representing the main complainant of Nicolás López, there was a strong controversy.

The theme was held on Monday, the T13 Radio "Mesa Central". There, Hermosill said that Paz Bascuñán and her husband, a former partner of Nicolas Lopez, were aware of the director's illegal actions: "Paz Bascuñán and his husband knew everything about him. At that level there was a normalization that on his birthday (from Lopez) he was shown a view in which he did it ".

The actress's reaction was immediate. Basciani commented: "What rights and evidence does Hermoil mean to us as skiers? If you have one serious predecessor to my husband or me, I ask you to report it to the court. I will not be weird because I do not think to participate in a society where opportunism remains unpunished, "and then insist that" I have never taken because you know all who I have worked directly against me or my colleagues because of less sexual or labor misuse I have always acted in accordance with "Violence has not been combated, nor is the fight for the lack of truth for women."

Paz Bascuñán concluded his statement saying that he hoped "the truth will be held in a fair trial, even if it is in contradiction with the prevailing bias act."

As expected, Hermosill raised his glove and said: "I would like to see the same impetus and enthusiasm in order to defend the correctness and ethics when it could have defended so many older women and minors that they have been abused and violated by his friend Nicolás ".

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