Monday , July 4 2022

They find that the shower hides a body that is potentially harmful to health


According to a study published last week in the journal mBio, the Colorado University team of researchers in Boulder, USA, has shown that showerheads may be associated with untargeted mycobacteria associated with pulmonary infection.

During the study, their authors collected samples of bacterial biofilms from 656 US house showers. and 13 European countries. Laboratory tests have revealed that the ends of the shower are often rich in micobacter colonies, which varies according to their geographic location, the chemical composition of the water and the source of mercury.

Non-tuberculosis mycobacteria were much richer in showers that received water from the municipality's supply system, compared with those who got water from the wells, and compared to Europeans, they were much wealthy in American homes.

Researchers believe that these models are probably partly due to the difference in disinfectant chlorine-containing water. The material produced by the showerhead would also have an effect on the accumulation of bacteria, as according to a study, a higher concentration of mycobacteria was found in the metal shower environment than plastic.

It was also found that nontberculous mycobacteria are thriving in regions where lung diseases are prevalent, just like in southern California, Florida and New York.

"There's an exciting microbial world that floats in your shower, and you can expose it every time you shower," said co-author Noah Pierre. "Activities, starting with the types of water treatment systems we use in our tubes, can change the composition of these bacterial communities," added Pierre, emphasizing that "there is no reason to be afraid of the shower."

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