Friday , June 2 2023

They find stray messages between Flavia Medina and Alexis Sánchez: they would have had a thing TV and exhibitions


A few days ago Flavia Medina shared images with Instagram with Abraham García, so they immediately began to spread rumors of a dream meeting that met on a reality show, Double temptation.

Now Argentina is again at the center of it, after that Intruders from La Red, will reveal a supposed flirtation with Alexis Sánchez.

According to the program, there might also be Instagram news that would link this model to a football player and is aware that they had been contacting for about a year, that is, while he was with Mayte Rodríguez.

It should be noted that, in addition to the news, the couple would have met in October at the Tocopillano House in Santiago, when he was already officially transferred to the actress and one of his surprise trips to Chile.

According to the Farandulero space, one of Alexis WhatsApp's reports to Flavia, before the second meeting that did not occur, said the following: "I'm sorry, but it made me more complicated. I'll see what to do, so you do not dare me, sorry, baby, but it's complicated for me. It was not the intention, just that the family was a beautiful little thing here.".

The previous case would have made it difficult for Tradition who told them about the situation, so that they did not request a meeting with him because they would have been filtered out.

Sanchez later tried to contact the bruneti, but she decided not to respond.

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