Tuesday , October 26 2021

They condemn the captain of the army who condemned the acts of corruption: they appealed against the judgment Country


Defense of Army Captain Rafael Harvey was sentenced to five years wrong sedation after he proclaimed the acts of corruption, he turned to a measure that provided him with no crime.

According to a homogeneous officer, this is the first time in the history of the country Soldier is condemned for sedation.

It did not happen in the historical events of the country: "Ruidos de Sables", the attack of 11 September 1973 by Palacio de la Moneda, "El Tanquetazo", a cooperation event or El Boinazo, they were not regarded as acts of sedation armed forces.

However, protecting the guards by letting them know what were their rights that were violatedwas considered an act of interference, according to Captain Rafael Harvey, who said he would go to court.


On December 20, Harvey was found to be the wrong sedition in the second military court that ruled 5 years of military detention maximum.

The military judge launched an investigation in 2015, concluding that Harvey caused 13 soldier defects who did military service San Bernardo Artillery Regiment No. 1, claiming unreasonable charges, ill-treatment and threats bosses.

The resolution states that "declaring to them that without prejudice, nothing will happen without deprivation of liberty, and that they have the right to leave the regiment, it helped to build the confidence that they could leave without great problems it meant an incentive or an incentive to despair ”.

Alberto Precht, Chief Executive of Chile's Transparent, assured that this is a model lack of adequate protection system for victims and witnesses acts of corruption.


The DR Member, who heads the Inquiry Commission for the Army's Wrong Purchase, Jorge Brito, who also wrote a bill to protect members of the armed forces who denounce corruption, insisted on the necessity Stop this kind of covers.


Soldier stories indicate that uniformed men gathered 38 soldiers who arrived in military service a few weeks ago to inform them that he had to pay 3000 pesos to pay for his clothes, in addition to 1000 thousand pesos for patches They had to sew on uniforms, even though they were army-provided tools for free.

From there, they began to suffer from a number of ill-treatment and occasional situations, to which Captain Harvey tried to put an end to them Report without fear of repression.

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