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They add and respect violations in the army: officials were accused of tax fraud was promoted

The report, which was submitted to the Santiago Court of Appeal, confirmed that the army has promoted its posts to officials accused of tax fraud.

This new inconsistency is known at a time when the Army is in the center of the dispute, first in the Viáticos case, and now with the Chief of Captain General Ricardo Martínez Menanteau, in which he acknowledges that the authority sells weapons to drug dealers.

The 11-page military paper by Alejandro Villagra Ramírez, signature of the top commander of the General Staff, Alehandro Villagra Ramírez, is the response to the defense appeal filed by Captain Rafael Harvey of Valdes to challenge "illegal and arbitrary action" from cases of evaluation of these promotions.

An official who has questioned the alleged "corruption protection network" at the military office filed a lawsuit against the Chilean Army Officer Board of Appeal and the Staff Commander Brigadier General Daniel Daniel González.

The Army replied to La Tercera that "in the case of promotion of officials charged with tax fraud proceedings, it may be reported that, at the time of processing this promotional job, the institution responsible for this procedure has no information on the procedural situation of those persons who are is clearly indicated in the report evacuated to the excellent Santiago Court of Appeal. "

This document cites the cases when Lieutenant-Colonel Nelson Cantillana was promoted until January 1, 2011 despite the fact that at the time he was promoted he was prosecuted for fraud in the state treasury, reaching 44 million pesos.

Other cases are the practice of the former corporation Heriberto Cortez, which was promoted on January 1, 2015, while he was in a preventive jail for fraud over USD 250 million; and second sergeant Jacqueline Carrasco, who was subjected to a process involving two crimes related to the Milicogate case.

The Armenian document also refers to the case of Colonel Rafael Villarroel Opazo, which was promoted on December 1, 2014, but the prosecutor's office was canceled. Villarroels Opazo is a brother of the director of the former Military School, who was suspected of being a former DINA spokesman, condemned Miguel Krasnov, to retire.

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