Saturday , April 17 2021

These are current accounts that can be canceled

The House of Representatives has approved 141 votes for which calls on President Sebastien Piñera eliminate costs for associates Actions taken with Rut account from BancoEstado.

The document states that "The costs are excessive as they are a costly account compared to the financial products offered by the banking industry in Chile, and they can seriously reduce the income of RUT account users, especially if we believe that 54% of them receive income less than 200 thousand. peso per month "

The resolution was only 4 abstentions and it was shown by Parliamentarians Enrique Van Rysselberghe, Osvaldo Urrutia, Sergio Gahon, Nicolás Noman, Rolando Rentería, Virginia Troncoso, Guillermo Ramírez, Gastón Von Mühlenbrock, Sandra Amar and Juan Fuenzalida.

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What payments would be avoided if Piñera complies with the request of Members? Rut account, the account shown in the banking system has to be paid 300 for each turn made, regardless of the cashier; $ 600 if the transfer is made using the BancoEstado branch cashier; USD 100 per balance request and basket; and 1000 $ to replace the card.

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