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The young woman who reported that she was raped in the army was abolished in court for abandonment

The young woman who completed the compulsory military service She reported that she had raped her body when she was 17 years old and his complaint caused physical and verbal abuse. At the same time from the institution They started a case, accusing him of being released before military litigation.

La Tercera PM reported a case that was reported for alleged infringement.


The young woman from the initials M.F.G., lived in Puente Alto, when he decided to leave as a volunteer in the Antofagasta regiment. He arrived in the third Armored Brigade "La Concepción" in April, and Saturday, June 16th, she would have been sexually assaulted two months after her 18th birthday second part of initials R.G. (28).

In her story, with which the abovementioned media had access to information, the girl said that she had left a group of friends to this day. The member was on the street with the body, who offered to take them in their car. When his companion left the city center, R.G. I would have asked her to go with him to buy some empanade, but the way he would have gone so far off the beach of Juan López.

The new woman would have asked for her body to come back, and when she got into the car to press it, he raped her. Subsequently, she demanded that she delete the WhatsApp messages he sent them in previous days and took her back to the center.

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Two days after the attack, on June 18, the young woman approached Major Diego Garcia to announce the incident. His reaction would be to ask him how can I check if it was not a consensus relationship or in exchange for money. However, he assured her that he would talk to one of the regimental authorities and suggest her to undergo a home pregnancy test that turned out to be positive, but she repeated it at the hospital Militar del Norte on 28 June, which was negative.

M.F.G. He claims that nobody sent him to receive a medical examination. Only on July 4, when the prosecution began a complaint, returned to the Northern Military Hospital, where a gynecologist Virginia Mans, who noted injuries and injuries, participated. The tests would, however, have disappeared.

The procedure that a young woman received after lodging a complaint worsened her situation. According to her lawyer, the second body forced her to lie in her head and elbows from bed to bathroom, because she was late. In another case, a potential assailant couple came to her at the ceremony in which she was with her mother, the exit.

Army reaction

M.F.G. On July 16, he traveled to Santiago with permission and stayed until August 2, the days when his mother and grandfather traveled to Antofagasta to talk with Branch General Rafael Fuenzalil, who I would have made them sure that I took the young woman away from her aggressor, something that would never have been realized.

That is why on August 18 he, being open, went to Santiago and never returned, urged his family member to take a decision that took care of his physical and emotional integrity.

The outlook worsened when Mother received the following Major Diego Garcías letter, which was available on the third PM:

"With this, I gladly greet you and, at the same time, regret that the reason for this letter is to inform you that your daughter MFG, who is serving her military service in this armed brigade, who was not admitted to the unit his honest permission on August 18, 2018 extending his permit until August 26, 2018. In the light of the foregoing, the provisions of the Military Code will be complied with to confirm the offense committed and to send to the competent courts a regulation to initiate dismissal from the institution due to non-compliance with military obligations, marking maltreatment and without military values. "

Member Jenny Álvarez (PS) learned about the case and sent it to Alberto Espina, Minister of Defense. However, the mother of the girl testifies to this "We do not think anything from the minister, because when he spoke, he knew about the case and suggested not to be involved". On the other hand, they confirm in the defense portfolio that the minister has provided information to the Ministry of the Interior

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M.F.G completed his secondary education at Colegio San Cayetano de Puente Alto and is currently undergoing psychological treatment.

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