Tuesday , March 21 2023

The woman was killed on Rencas Street


The woman was killed on the street in the commune Rencawhen, according to the original information, he was shot and killed from the car.

The murder took place on the street José Manuel Balmaceda 5087 at the height of the vehicle station wagon shot twice against the couple who were on their way society.

As explained by the chief Juan Reyes, from the Seventh Police Station, the incident occurred around 16:30 and 30 years old woman He died in the place.

"The investigated causes a person who drove in a gray vehicle, station wagon, he would have fired two shots for passersby who were in place. Due to the above, unfortunately, he caused the death of a 30-year-old woman, ”said a police officer.

As Reyes explained, "the particular event was brought to the attention of the State Ministry that there are precedents related to the previous history, a little discussion.

The Investigative Police Assassination Brigade operates under the order of the Nordic Central Prosecutor's Office. In addition, industry cameras are trained to find the responsible.

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