Thursday , January 27 2022

The true weaker sex: men are more sensitive to painful memories



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Research from McGill and Toronto Mississauga (Canada) universities reveals that men remember physically painful experiences in a more intense way than women who emphasize them and make them more sensitive to pain when they return to the place where they are experienced.

This is what research shows, published in Current Biology. According to their results, chronic pain is higher, the more men have remembered previous pains, and women and women who participated in the study do not seem to have stressed their previous pain experiences. .

"What we wanted was to observe the increased sensitivity of the mouse to the pain, and what surprised us is that we saw the differences in the levels of stress between men and women (…) We decided to expand the study with humans and found that men react more [intensamente]"explains Jeffrey Mogil, chief investigator of the investigation.

The study involved 41 men and 38 women aged 18 to 40 who had mild pain caused by heat sources. After a day of experience, subjects returned to the same room or room and experienced the same stimulus again.

Only the men who had gone to the room that had suffered the previous day had already said that the second experience was worse than the first. Something did not happen to women.

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The researchers' conclusion is that memories are essential for the intensity with which we feel pain.

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