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The third group of Chile returns from Venezuela during the flight

There are 100 people: 54 men, 46 women, 28 of whom are children, Interior Minister Andres Chadwick at the airport.

This morning 100 Chilean returns from Venezuela to a special Faha flight were completed, Minister of the Interior Andrés Čadviks announced this morning at Pudahuel Airport.

"We are developing our return plan. They are just landing 100 compatriots from Venezuela. We are very happy They have been in tense moments with arbitrary detention of two journalists. They were received by the Chancellor at 5 am. They have landed. We are very happy."said Čadviks about this third group of Chileans returning from a troubled country.

The Minister added that they were in this third return flight "100 compatriots: 54 men 46 women, of whom 28 children, and worried that one of the juveniles comes with a serious illness that could not be addressed in Venezuela. We saw the joy of their relatives.

"Venezuela has tense and complicated moments. Their causes are related to humanitarian situations. They have lost their jobs. Now the political situation is united, and we hope that we will be able to make Venezuela a democratic solution to the elections as soon as possible.", he stressed.

He said he was consulting a Venezuelan colleague with the Chilean government "Chile recognized President Guaidó as responsible President, who is constitutionally compliant. The Chancellor fulfills his duties with the Venezuelan authorities. But Chile's Guaidó constitutional government (recognized).

The case of Frei Montalva

Regarding the ruling that found murder in Frei Montalva, he said: "As Piñera said, completely condemning the murder of former President Eduardo Frei Montalva. More than 16 years ago, a judge in Madrid was investigating and we have court conclusions..

"At the same time, the President has expressed his sympathy and solidarity with the Frei family and party. We, as the Ministry of the Interior, from the first government, were the applicants for murder. We are working on it and we will continue to do so., closed.

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