Friday , January 22 2021

The surface works of the Plaza de Armas are not ready (light and cranes are available at the access).

President Sebastián Piñera announced the launch of construction in July 2011 Santiago Metro Line 3. For the first time, this new underground train route would reach the northern part of the capital, shortening the mobility time of communes such as Independencia, Conchalí and Quilicura.

Almost eight years after the announcement and after several delays, this Tuesday, Jan. 22, is expected to be a predictable line, More than a million people will benefit from 22 kilometers of 18 stations, and in about 30 minutes, Quilicura and La Reina will be connected.

Although there are high expectations on this new route, and the launch has been announced with a large fanfare, there is detailed information that has not been noticed: 10 stations will remain with perimeter connections.

Traveling through the cathedral with a flag in the center of Santiago is one of the income Plaza de Armas Station from line 3, but on the surface is a semi-finished construction, closed with green panels with signs indicating access to the metro.

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Talking with CHV Newsone of the workers who preferred to protect their identity said they do not process the end date of construction what is done about the station. He also stated that appropriate safety measures have been taken to allow passengers to move safely. "There is a controlled risk"He explained.

As reported in the Metro, using the notification is 10 stations that will remain in the perimeter circuit around your access because the job is done "On the surface and in the environment to make them available to the public in its original state or with improvements"

If. T. Plaza de Armasclosure is intended for "construction on the station and for the replacement of the sidewalk".

From green area restoration to OSD projects

Another nine stations they will have similar conditions while the new line is running. It's about Libertadores, Hospitals, University of Chile, Irarrázaval, Matta, ñuñoa, Monseñor Eyzaguirre, Villa Frei and Plaza Egaña.

Most of them The closure of the perimeter is connected with the continuation of the renovation of areas, pavements or tiles.

If. T. Plaza Egañathe reason is that they complete the availability of the site. "When the line works, to the station You can enter the same two access points that are currently running", They confirmed the subway.

In turn, they added opening of the new access is scheduled for the first half of 2019. "The reason is related to the complexity of this amount of workand that they were made at a station that is maintained every day, ”they said.

Meanwhile, the station Ñuñoa, Monsignor Eyzaguirre and Matta they will continue to shut down because OSD projects will be developed (More than Station Devolpment), that is, the development of real estate related to the connections of metro stations, and which allows the commercial development of this site.

"Initiatives respond to a global strategy to effectively manage the rest of the land promoted by the metro attention was paid to the restoration of intervention areas using it Improve urban integration and added value for the environment"They said from a transport company.

Annoying noise edge

Recall that the operation of the new underground train has not been contradictory. La Rhine's neighbors condemned the noises and vibrations between Plaza Egaña Station and Fernando Castillo Velasco when the private move of the private transport took place.

From the Metro they responded to these allegations and pointed it out the solution would be between six and ten months.

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Also on Mondays – Days after the 3rd and 3rd row opening days Neighboring Group Together with Deputy Tomás Hirsch (PH) Order Not to innovate in Santiago Appeal Court to Paralyze Detection.

Despite the Metro, the industry population you do not want the station to be opened until the vibration and noise problems have been resolved They have suffered since November.

In the same line from the company reiterated that they would carry out the necessary evaluations and studies to identify further measures.

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