Saturday , January 16 2021

The study reveals details of skin color development

London, January 21 (Prensa Latina) Specialists discovered new genetic variations associated with skin color, evaluating pigmentation of more than six thousand Latin Americans with a mixture of American, European, and African origin, reports Nature Commmunications today.

Five new regions related to skin, eye and hair color have been identified in a study by the University College London.

He showed that clear skin differences among Eurasian people developed independently of various genetic foundations.

Geneticists have noticed that the Indians are genetically linked to the people of Eastern Europe, founded about 20,000 years ago, migrating from Siberia to North America.

They observed a significant difference in the MFSD12 gene, which is manifested in uniquely oriental asians and Indians.

The work showed that the lighter skin color developed independently in Europe and East Asia, while the aforementioned gene was a strong natural selection in East Asia, possibly adapting to changes in sunlight levels and ultraviolet radiation.

Dr. Kaustubh Adhikari, from the Institute of Genetics at the University, said that findings reveal human evolution and report an understanding of genetic risk factors such as skin cancer.

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