Wednesday , March 22 2023

The strong critics receive a documentary about Víctor Jara


"Don't see Vicch Jara's Netflix documentary that humiliates and gives platform to the murder of Pedro Barrientos." Some texts, for example, began to appear on social networks on Sunday as a criticism of massacre at the stadium, a documentary recently released by a streaming site on Chilean singer-songwriter.

An interview that Victor Jara's assassin, according to the justice of the convicted Americans, would only be granted if he was subjected to a polygraph, also more commonly known as a melon detector.

It was there that he responded with his refusal to blame, but the test produced undoubted results, as Barrientos ignored the examiner's instructions on his breathing, which changed the test.

In this regard, Doctor of Psychology and Expert of Psychological Knowledge Norma Molina explained: "More than a job is good or badly executed, which means that the result is inconclusive is that manipulation by the evaluated.

– What does it mean?

The inspected person was able to control the answers given in this test and make the result invalid.

This kind of situation expert commented that if Barrientos had wanted to tell his truth, he would not have put up obstacles. "One hypothesis that can be put forward is that he used a technique to react and manipulate a polygraph. If someone wants to find out, it does not fix it, but on the contrary, the way this information is collected is conditional.

They doubt it

Both Eduardo Carrasco, Quilapayún, and Horacio Salinas from Inti Illimani Histórico in this documentary gave evidence of their chord partner life. For Barrientos, they told La Cuart that they felt sad.

"The gigantic coward of those who do not want to admit this crime is also being shown and talking very badly about this part of Chile, which turned out to be a terrible tragedy," said Horacio Salinas. The Quilapayún member said, "After I saw it, I had a very sad feeling. He has lived a long way since he started as a coward because he doesn't want to take what he did. I don't know how many years it was impossible to create a fair trial in our country. "

"20 years ago we created a very high documentary"

In 1998, one of the first audiovisual material was released that touched the life of Víctor Jara. Author? Today's deputy Pamela Jiles.

"When I finally went to the air, I felt a great deal of pride and sense of justice. Until then, the name of Victor could not speak loud. In fact, he was not named in an open event for two decades," recalled "grandmother."

During the comparison, Pamela said: "With very modest twenty years ago, we created a documentary that is far superior to Netflix, both from the point of view of cinema and content."

The MEP stressed that Netflix's work was criticized. "By the way, we do not change the apartment with the murderers. And then we discovered when no one dared that the brutality with which the dictatorship killed a person whose only sin was to be faithful to their people, is the most authentic suppressed voice," says Jiles.

– Criticism pointed to the humanization of the murderer. Do you like it?

Undoubtedly This is a trap that distorts history. (Barrienos) It's waste.

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