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The Spanish film became the winner of the Mar del Plata Film Festival


Between two waters, Isaki Lacuesta, about two Gypsy brothers

Among the two waters – Isaki Lacuesta, which was already imposed in San Sebastián – was a great winner, and Ciambella and Coluccio El árbol negro won the Argentine competition

Between two watersSpanish Isaki Lacuesta, was the winner of the 33rd Mar del Plata International Film Festival's 33rd edition, yesterday, when she won the Astor Award for Best Actor (Israel Gómez Romero). The film, which received the maximum prize in the San Sebastian show two months ago, is a kind of continuation
Time Legendthat the director, born in Catalonia, filmed in 2006 and focuses on the fact that two gypsy brothers (formerly children of twenty), who are very different from each other,
Boy Gypsies located on the Andalusian island of San Fernando.

Another great winner was the mix of a proposal from a strong documentary beings with fiction resources like
What will you do when the world will fire?Record of the Italian Roberto Minervini choir for several African-American characters in the poorest areas of the United States who got the difference for the best direction and best actress (Judy Hill).

The jury's special prize (including Luis Miñarro, María Bonsanti, Valerie Massadian, Andrei Ujica and María Alché) was shared with
Chuva é cantoria na aldeia dos mortos, coproduction between Portugal and Brazil led by João Salaviza and Renée Nader Messora, a local adolescent (but already father of a child) who lives in the Amazon region, and he is Ihjač;
Quiet rain will come, conducted by the Argentinean Iván Fond, who describes the failure of children traveling exclusively with the city of Entre Ríos de Crespo, in a minimalist invasion of a subgroup that forms
Look at me,
Super 8 or the Netflix series
Strange things. Finally, the award for best scenario went to Uruguay's Federico Weirou
Belmonte, a tragicomedy of the daily plastic artist's experiences from Montevideo, divorced and with his daughter.

Argentine competition had three awards: Best movie about
Black tree, co-chaired by Mzixim Ciambella and Damián Coluccio, who offers a beautiful, careful, intimate and simultaneously powerful portrait of inner dynamics and the Qoma community; special mention on
Julia and foxby Inés María Barrionuevo, who focuses on the tense relationship between the name Umbra Colombo and her 12-year-old daughter Emma (Victoria Castelo Arzubialde) who dwell in an unstable house in the Unquillo district of Cordoba and the best short film they shared by
Whilst the waves, created by Dolphin Gavald and Carmen Rivoira, and
This summer is homelessby Santiago Reale.

In Latin America, the prize for the best art film went to
Faust, filmed with Canadian Andrea Bussmann on the Oaksaka Coast, joining Goethe's work with the millennial legends and testimonies from local people, which in a hypnotizing and experimental proposal outlines fantastic, surreal or spiritual cutoff anime. Includes long shots of 16 mm. In turn, special attention was paid
Scratches, Chilean Teresa Arredondo Lugon and Carlos Vásquez Méndez, a documentary film that was already awarded at the Marseilles and Valdivia Festivals about events in the village of Layas just days after the coup d'état of September 1973, when 19 employees from the CMPC paper mill (the majority of trade union representatives or openly departed) ) were arrested without notice to relatives. Six years later they were buried in a common grave. Only in 2013, the police will break the silence pact to reveal information about the massacre.

In the Closing Contest "The Replaced Countries" (dedicated to the most difficult and experimental cinematography), the only prize was shared with
Chaosby Sara Fattahi and
Casanovagen, Louis Donschen; The original soundtrack (for films about the world of music) was chosen
Come on: leave me in the past, of the brothers Mariano and Gabriel Nesci (on the Beatles band, which at the end of the 60s had a meteoric and transient existence and recently tried unsuccessfully to return to the first planes); progress (in the development of the film) triumphantly
Pipelines, from Camilo Restrepo, Colombia; New Critic Award was about
Terra Franca, the Portuguese portal "Leonor Teles" for the fishermen's family, and for the community
If you can talk on Beale StreetThe New American Barry Jenkins Work (Oskar Winner 2007
Moonlight) of James Baldwin's homonymous novel about the story of a young black man as a father who is unjustly accused of rape cases.

Unofficial awards

Although it was ignored on the official winning list,
Die monster dyingThe Argentinean film Alejandro Fadel, which combines fantastic cinematic elements (including sophisticated visual effects) with the views of the authors, was a great winner in an independent jury vote to stay with those given by AADA (art directors), SAE (editors), Sagai and Sadaic.

The DAC Directors Award was on
In bedbrave about Mónica Lairana; one of the PCI directors
The day I resistedby Alessia Chiesa; International Critical Fipresci and Geenpeace on
Black tree; Chronicle Association Forum
Canvas, a horror film in English, Peter Strickland and Signis for
Cassandro Exotic!, from France's Marie Losier, an eccentric Mexican fighter who was born in the United States.

In turn, the Chilean documentary
Scratches He also received prizes awarded by Recam (Mercosur Specialized Cinematographic and Audiovisual Meetings) and SICA (Argentine Cinema Industry Union).

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