Wednesday , April 21 2021

The program "The body is not working" has violated human rights

The violation of the dignity of the people featured in the 13th Channel program "Body is not a lie" in the sense that their privacy, honor, private life, presumption of innocence and the right to their image, filed by the National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) complaints The National Television Council (CNTV) has sanctioned a television station.

The broadcast was dated July 2nd and was named "PDI deciphering the truth". According to INDH, in keeping with human rights, "it is possible to observe a series of unlawful and / or abusive practices for different people."

According to INDH, CNTV considered that "the concessionaire television cameras abused the privacy of the people who were subject to the police investigation of the police, depicting the moments they refer to their private life and personal life, which was then used on Channel 13, to create a television program aimed at entertaining the viewer, thus creating a threat and possible influence on their image. "

In the penal code adds that "in this way, the violation of fundamental rights – in this case in private life – will certainly endanger the dignity of these individuals."

CNTV also considered that "the program infringes, on several occasions, the persons covered by the records, the guarantees that in some cases affect its image and even the presumption of innocence – describing it as unlawful situations that do not have the character of crime".

"Excessive exposure and spectacularization of affected people thus show a negligence that is completely forgotten to preserve confidential information in order to entertain the audience, thereby striking out the legitimate use of freedom of expression and information," adds CNTV.

In these situations, INDH asked CNTV to represent Channel 13 that these emissions would be contrary to national and international rules on human dignity and privacy; that you as a means of communication have an obligation to respect the rights of all, including those subject to immigration control at airports or border crossing points; and situations such as those described are not repeated on their screens.

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