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The price of Meizu Zero is similar to the iPhone XS Max

Just a week ago, the Chinese manufacturer showed the name Meizu Zero. It is the first mobile device in the world without physical connectors or buttons. Even it was ahead of Vivo with his Apex 2019.

Some things to know about this Meizu Zero were its price and availability. Now we can get the answer.

Meizu Zero as campaign Indiegogo

It's one Smartphone figure like Camapaña Indiegogo. It is a crowdfunding site (co-financing).

As we continue with the guide that drives this section, we note that we are on the day when it opens the way to its financing.

Then In April 2019, the first small party production will take place. The shipment will also be made in the same month. An important aspect is the price they have fixed for this device.

About what Meizu calls Engineering unit (Engineering unit) you will be charged USD 1299 USD. This version is one will be distributed in April next to.

IPhone XS Max Prices from 01/30/2019

In other words, this amount is comparable to the 256GB iPhone XS Max, which costs $ 1,249. Although there is another more expensive version of the Apple phone, the Chinese company is not far behind.

They also min Pioneer Unit (Leading unit) exclusive value is $ 2,999. The irony here – beyond its cost – is that The shipment will take place in January… and by the end of this month there is more than a day left. So whether or not this last version was released without notice or will be delivered tomorrow at the first hour.

Finally, to make Meizu a reality in April in April it is necessary to set a target of $ 100,000. When writing this article Campaign reached USD 19,891. The closing date is 1 March this year. We will see if they will reach their goal.

Source: GSMArena

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