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The President's tricky message to one of the mouths: "Come play, you have not invented anything more, so much of paper"

The The Copa Libertadores final between Boca and the river gets absent every day. The half that had to be considered a world-wide theme for the soccer party living in these 180 minutes ended with a piece of cake after the events that took place last Saturday at Monumental Stadium, where The bus that moved to the xeneizes row on the second leg was stoned with millionaire fans. Facts that started a snowball that pushed half of it and since then it has just risen.

The last fact that spots are one of the most anticipated games in history is the decision announced Conmebol Executive Committee to argue for a repeat game outside Argentina, a place to be determined and dated December 8th or 9th. Everything depends on that I accepted the Disciplinary Court's claim for Boca Juniors to disqualify River Plate and declare the winners to the table.

The situation in Libertadore's finale is annoying or rather "sad", in his words, Millionaire President Rodolfo O & # 39; Nofriy, who struck with his strong Xperience, Daniel Angelici.

"We signed the paper, which will be played for 24 hours, so it's Sunday, we agreed to postpone it. I never thought that they wrote the same night to ask points. Angelie missed his name, which he promised. Let's finish with this. I strongly believe this: Angelici, I came to play, I came to play. We are not so good, they play, they can beat us. If the President of Boki listens to me: Come to the game, keep your name. This is enough to capture pennants (documents), not talking to anyone else. You must have values. It is clear that they do not want to play"he said very excited about Mar del Plata, the city where they will play the Argentine Cup final to Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata.

"Do not listen to those who tell you that you have to do this. Do not crawl anything else, do not continue to use the lawyer's pages. You have to have values ​​in life. Enough of this document. I really feel pain, huge pain. It's so obvious that the river has nothing to do with gripping it, it's absurd. I am not a lawyer, but everyone knows that this was a security mistake, the minister resigned. To complete it, let's not invent anything else, go to the field and play. All weird things will be enough. Let's do what we need to do to reach an agreement as soon as possible. Boca manages one way, the other runs a river but plays it: Argentina needs it. "

Also about that has taken a monumental game to play overseas, influenced by D & # 39; Onofrio the fact that they can not be local, but even more so thanks to the image they give as a country because they can not guarantee the safety of demonstrations.

"I told him his position, but Conmebol is very strong, I told him that I did not address him to the president of the river, but as Argentina, if the government of Conmebol did not provide a guarantee that this game could be played in this country, play somewhere, but it Is there a paper you can not play in Argentina? I repeat, I understand that he (Dominguez) has reasons but It's time that we Argentineans say that this game is played where Argentina should be driven, where it belongs, with all the security "he pointed out.

"We are doing the G20 and we are an uncomfortable world on the football side. We show our world in a terrible way. Let's finish with this. I say to one and the same President of the Nations: to call Mr Angelici to all of us, Gallardo, Barro Schelotto. Let's take a picture and show the world that we can play a soccer game. Let's prove that in Argentina you can play football, how can you not play the river? Let's show the world that some can not beat us that Security people can provide guarantees. Let's show the world we can. If this game leaves Argentina, it's a piece of paper"he concluded.

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