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The National Video Game Museum features a Mini Vectrex console

It is a unique device of the 80's, which only existed in rumors.

The nineteenth decade is known as the Console Vectrex which included some innovative elements such as integrated screens and vector based graphics, but unfortunately he was the victim of the video game crisis in 1983.

Interestingly, the 2003 Edge Magazine revealed the potential Vectrex Mini Noting that the fan had seen the mini console at the production bureau's presidential table during the early 80's.

About eight years ago, somebody who claimed to be a relative who worked for Milton Bradley shared some scanned possible Mini Vectrex images, which in some way reinforced the idea that the product was at least in the planning stages.


Well, while the Vectrex Mini was mentioned only in rumors, now we have the fact that the National Video Game Museum in Frisco Texas has fully confirmed its existence because they have managed to get a prototype collection (through Gizmodo)

And for those who doubted its veracity, the museum even renewed the device and made it work, as you can see in the video below:

The mini version of the Vectrex consoles is equipped with a screen, a control and even integrates the handle to hold it from above and can be carried, so it definitely looks like a device that was inspired by modern laptops, such as the Nintendo Switch

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