Thursday , April 22 2021

The Mediterranean diet could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as 25%

The famous and recommended Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of suffering up to 25%
cardiovascular disease, as explained in the new Harvard study by T. H. Chan
Public Health School, Brigham and
Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical
At school

Using 40 scientists from the biomarker group
studied the eating habits of more than 25,000 women who participated
United States Women's Health Study. The participants are finished
a questionnaire about the food they took and blood samples
to assess biomarkers and observe up to 12 years. For its part, the scientific team is classified
participants in their Mediterranean diet, classifying it
low, medium and high.

The first events that were measured in the investigation were
the prevalence of cardiovascular disease in the first events
heart rate, stroke, cardiovascular death and
coronary artery revascularization.

The results showed that 428 (4.2%) participants
some cardiovascular events suffered from a low consumption group
with 356 (3.8%) in the middle of the group and 246 (3.8%) of the large dietary groups in the Mediterranean diet. That would be a decrease
Relative risk ratio of 23% to 28%, the benefit is
similar to those produced by some prophylactic agents and statins.

The group of scientists also observed a change
inflammation, which is 29% of the reduction of disease risk
heart and blood vessel glucose metabolism and resistance to insulin and
maximum body index

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