Sunday , February 28 2021

The Mapuche organization accuses Araucanía Sur of the Health Service of poor administrative management of the State

Nueva Imperial National Association It was poorly managed by the Araucanía Sur Health Service, which showed that they took the place they used to visit the Mapuche Hall three years ago.

Since 2015, they say they have not been able to re-launch the administration of this space, which began in 2006, the same year when the city's intercultural hospital was discovered.

This was evidenced by Daniel Melillán, president of this association, who was created to use the Mapuche drug every month, treating about 1500 patients in the coverage area, and is currently maintained in accordance with the basic conditions.

Melillan added that it was first talked about temporary interference with the administration that would make this room Araucanía Sur's health service, but so far the situation has not changed.

This member of the Mapuche organization, Doralisa Millalén, also pointed out this they took the place they created themselves thinking about promoting a medical character from a different cultural point of view, adding that the Health Service has not intervened properly in order to be able to renew the cooperation agreement that they maintained.

This dissatisfaction is supported by René Manuel García, Deputy National Reconstruction Director, who confirmed that these devices created a real alternative to those who needed Mapuche's medication.

The indigenous association condemns the monitoring of Mapuche healing protocols by ensuring that the Araucanía Sur Health Service, It does not matter to manage this place.

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