Thursday , April 22 2021

The government evaluates the execution of the guarantee card in Cardone-Polpaico online delays

There are concerns and shocks in the energy sector. This is due to a statement made by the Ministry of Energy on Wednesday to InterChile that they will not be able to comply with the date of the transfer of the Electricity Transmission Project Cardone-Polpaico into service.

It has different consequences not only for those generators who are waiting for the end of the line to enter their energy system, but also for the same company that might face justice. In particular, InterChile can sue generators whether they can receive a daily fine and guarantee tickets from the state.

Yesterday, Susan Jiménez, Minister for Energy, welcomed the fact that this is one of the options. "The Ministry of Energy has to assess whether the submitted background allows for a force majeure scenario. If not, you can activate both guarantees and fines for each day of delay," he said.

Jiménez added that "the fine will depend on the delayed days. Therefore, the first thing is to see, until the delay is justified, for reasons of force majeure, and then see when the work is completed. This allows you to determine if a fine is imposed , and the warranty and the corresponding amounts are met. "

However, he pointed out that there was no deadline for measures against InterChile. "There is a lot of information that needs to be processed, and from here we will see what administrative and legal actions we can take," he said.

The importance of the line

The line term will actually link the old Sung and SIC and promote the flow of energy from north to center.
In the context of the new delays, Carlos Finat, Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Chilean Renewable Energy Sources (Sidewalk), was also concerned.

"If this stage is not available, a significant number of NCRE creative companies – clean energy with very low or zero emissions from CO2 and other pollutants – will suffer losses without being able to inject all their output into the electricity system," Finat said. .

At the same time, Minister Jiménez emphasized that "the top priority is precisely the completion of work due to the cost of what it means as a constraint on the creation of clean energy and its transportation across the country. We continue to take action to find difficulty in building relationships with communities so that dialogue is always open." We need to complete the work as soon as possible. "

From InterChile, an ISA Columbia branch, they did not want to refer to this question. However, they predicted that entry into force would not take place before February 2019.

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