Saturday , April 17 2021

The focus will be fiber optic for home and 5G

"We are working to sell smartphones in Chile, and we hope to achieve this in the next two to three years." This is the enthusiasm attested by Huang's CEO Yong Dou in Chile, referring to the Chinese company's next steps in our country.

Dou, who does not understand much of the corporate policy with the press, referred to the company's roadmap after taking part in the Hyatt Centric Hotel, where the book Huawei: Governance, Culture and Connectivity was launched. It's about the history of this technology company right at the moment it is Hurricane eyes due to the arrest of Global Financial Director, Meng Wanzhou in Canada.

According to Dou, despite the fact that there are many business units in Chile, the first and most traditional carrier is a market share of 30%. Then there is the mass consumption sector run by mobile phones, where they reach about 24% of the market, and the second is on the sales podium. Finally, there is scope

"The company", which began about two years ago, with about 10% of market share.

"These three companies are key because we, Chile, are the most advanced country in Latin America. A very interesting market is open and transparent," said the executive director.

But, "looking for the future, there are a number of areas in which we will work, but two where we will focus a lot," said Dou, pointing out that the first number is optical fiber optics for home. "We want users to get fiber optics in their homes. Make sure broadband and its services can reach all households," she said, "the fact that Chilean cities will reach the overall fiber optics," said Huawei CEO in Chile.

The second pillar of Asian giant for the next five years in our country will be 5G. "The next generation of mobile telephony will be very soon and on this line, Huawei is prepared with all the technology and innovations," said Dou, adding: "We hope Chile is the first country officially to have 5G in Latin America. When this happens, our company will have all the necessary support. "

The Executive Director explained that yes, investments in this new mobile generation will be made using the Chilean telecom operators' demand, as the 5G network infrastructure is being implemented.

Given the recent arrival of Chinese technology giants Xiaomi in our country, the CEO wanted not to rely on this topic.

He also did not want to talk about detaining Huawei's founder in North America, Meng Wanzhou (CFO), because "all information is being made through corporate channels at a global level," said Yong Dou.

Eduardo Frei criticizes CFO's detention

Former President Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, in a letter to Huawei on the launch of the history book, strongly relied on the arrest of the daughter of the company's founder: "I mean hostile and brutal action. It was an unfriendly act, precisely in the middle of the commercial pre-emption period in which we live.

And the way it was done was very insolent, "said the former governor, who is currently Chile's ambassador to the Asia-Pacific region.

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