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"The first stages of Mars colonization"

Last Monday, November 26th NASA's InSight spacecraft flew to Mars.

The unloading was a complicated feat. After six months of flight, the unloading capsule had to cross the atmosphere. Fly over the Mars air at an initial speed of 19,800 km / h and reach the atmosphere at an accurate 12-degree angle.

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The expectations of the arrival of Mars, Raul Sohr, by international analyst Raul Sohr, were that these successes were linked to a series of tasks previously developed in Mars' orbit, to ensure that this "was a prerequisite for landing"

The incentive to get a ship InSight will reach the Mars planet, First of all, this is due to the scientific desire to learn and learn more about Mars, but there are other factors too. "Just like the cosmic races that have been calmed down, it has become more practical and practical", said an international analyst.

"NASA loses its importance as many private companies are bidding for a kilo of space," said Sohr.

This journey promises to reach the center of Mars and is also aimed at exploring the habitat of the area, so the idea of ​​having some water can be done through seismographs, which are part of "The first stages of Mars colonization"said Raul Sohrs.

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While the InSight ship is the most advanced science in which huge derivatives can be taken, progressing, Sohr explained that behind There have been many previous failures in this mission, the reason why "the joy of scientists is justified, because it is a huge achievement".

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