Sunday , October 17 2021

The dollar opens with a slight rebound after a sharp drop of over $ 10

The US currency recorded the largest weekly decline since the week of September 18 last year.

After the aggressive fall that took place yesterday, the exchange rate started the day with an unpredictable advance on Friday, but after hours, the tortilla turned and ended up with deeper losses, marking its fourth day of casualties.

According to Reuters, the US currency at the end of the business was $ 652.30. which is a drop of $ 2.2 yesterday's closure.

Thus, the dollar peso intersection accumulated $ 15 per week (or 2.25%), the worst weekly record since September 21, last year.

At the international level, the currency is slightly declining waiting for the trade talks that are holding China and the US in search of commercial war targets.

Given the new currencies, the results are mixed, but in Latin America most of the major currencies rose against the dollar.

In the recent past, the direction of the dollar was determined by the broader tone of the Federal Reserve, which increased the Chilean peso and other new currencies, promising "patience" with the rise in interest rates in the country.

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