Monday , October 18 2021

The dollar deepens the losses in Chile and is about 7 months old


After the start of the day, the dollar lost against the Chilean peso and fell to its lowest level since last June.

At the end of the operations on the interbank market, the dollar was quoted at $ 652.3, which is $ 2.2 lower than the previous day when the North American currency collapsed to $ 13.2.

Execution of the local exchange rate corresponds to the weakness of the North American currency in foreign markets after a moderate position in the Federal Reserve.

The dollar index indicator, which measures the performance of the currency against the six basket of world currencies, is 0.10%.

"In the United States, the Fed is starting to make more expansions by announcing an increase in rates in 2019, generating huge global sales," explains Diego Mora, XTB Latam market analyst. .

In this way, the Chilean Pesos ignores the fall in copper prices, which is an excellent reference to the local currency. Red metal contracts by December are down 0.79% and are $ 2.76 per pound in London, as there is no agreement on the commercial war and the negative data of the Chinese industry.

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