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The "cut list" set by the University of Chile, presented by Frank Kudelka – National football

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Players will not give the coach priority to emigrate before satisfying the club's offer. TVN

December 13, 2015

Not just reinforcements are talking University of Chile, but also a farewell to the blue club. From this, according to reports Third, it has already been determined which players will advance before another club's offer.

Players for whom the coach will not be a priority Frank Kudelka so they can start from the blue 2019 team, is ahead Isaac Díaz, Leandro Benegas; Gustav Lorenzetti and Franz Schultz; and the defense of Alejandro Contreras and Felipe Saavedra.

This also means that it was also reported which players will return to the University of Chile after the issuance of a loan last season and is the goalkeeper Gonzalo Kolla who played for Cobreloa; defender Nicolás Ramírez, Depores Temuco and Camilo Moya, former San Luis.

Gremio participated in the fight against the Chilean University created by Yeferson Soteldo

set up

Guild Brazil would have sent him an offer University of Chile to maintain steering wheel services Yeferson Soteldo.

As reported Radio DNS, The Porto Alegre team wants to be an offensive midfielder with a good attitude to the ball, so they will be cleared up to Venezuelan.

The offer is only for when Soteldo talk about extending your link with Azul Azul.

In addition, Brazilian interests should be added to one that would create some clubs in the club in the last few days MLS North america

It should be remembered that the Universidad de Chile has to pay $ 2 million Huahipato to get half of the selected Venezuelan letter. However, the lucky members want to cancel a lower amount for a new loan.

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