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The CHV meets rumors of a close-up TV and show

Rumors about the end Close-up This week it was expanded with a variety of communication tools, which ensured that the entertainment room could end in summer, from which it would not return.

But apparently things are not so good. According to La Cuarta, channel execution sources confirmed that the program will not only end, No decision was made to suspend production in January and February.

What did they admit to the program "Let's introduce these months in the process of evaluating and analyzing content and formats", as well as in a number of other areas of television, and that executives have been doing this for months.

The goal would be to "provide updated formats, with a special focus on co-production, where the whole family has a television offer like Pasapalabra, Divine food o Wall", Avots confirmed the national newspaper.

Recall that rumors took more power to the leader of the site, Julio César Rodríguez , will ensure that there will be a break. "We register by Friday, December 28th. That's what we have included in the budget on the budget. What will happen next, I do not know, and I did not turn it off," he told La Tercer.

"Five years ago they told us the same thing that there would be a tan, but so far we do not have a version of the official channel. It's clear that programs run cycles and have nothing to do with whether they are successful or not," he added. .

Rumor has it that Channel 13 wants Francisca Garci & # 39; a Huidobro among her rows.

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