Thursday , January 27 2022

The bishop's denials before the Pope are no longer valid


Secretary-General Fernando Ramos, Bishop of Chile, On Monday he said that in May last year, the resignation of Chilean bishops by Pope Francis was no longer valid under Canon law.

"The Canon 189 canon law states that any waiver submitted in writing after three months is invalid, in these circumstances, I do not think that this is an important issue we are talking about, ”said Prelate.

Ramos pointed this out before the meeting at which the national bishops were invited in Vīnakan, and lasted one hour, where the situation of the Chilean church was analyzed in the middle of the crisis. research on priestly sexual violence against minors.

This included CECh President Santiago Silva; René Rebolledo, Vice-President; Fernando Ramos, Secretary-General; Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati and Juan Ignacio González.

Continuity of Ricardo Ezzati at the Archbishopric of Santiago

As much as it is discussed, if in this case the Pope could be the successor of Ricardo Ezzati, Archbishop of Santiago, Ramos said it was hard right now.

"I do not believe that this is a process that develops in itself and I do not think it is time for this type of appointmenthe said.

After a meeting scheduled for one hour, the bishops are expected to make a statement in the national press waiting for the results of the appointment.

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