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Terraplanist organizes a cruise to reach the "end of the world" ice wall? | Photo 1 of 6 | World


Human scientific discoveries in astronomy and further space exploration were the key to not only identifying, but solving, any doubt about our spherical form. planets .

It is a scientific truth that is so analyzed, explained and documented that it seems like anecdote that in 2019 there is still someone with access to all that information that the Earth is flat.

However, the so-called "terraplanists" not only exist but are also very well organized. To negotiate at international conferences and with the network of all communicators, mainly on the Internet.

These same organizers and teachers seem to have reached their postulates because they organize a cruise expedition to the end of the world. Aim: to have their followers enjoy the greatest, boldest and best adventure of their lives.


According to its postulates, planet Earth would not be a spheroid, as it has been proven since the sixth century BC. Pythagoras, Parmenides and Zeno.

They suggest that our planet really is a kind of disc that contains all continents. Thanks to its shape, this idea suggests that the Earth would have edges, but the ocean covering the continents would not be crowded by the large ice wall that sustains it.

The followers of this kind of idea do not trust satellite observations and images manipulated by space organizations, such as NASA, to preserve the lies of spheroidal land.


However, the irony of the "scientific" expedition from the terraplanists is that, in order to reach the supposed "end of the world", the ship will have to use a series of navigation tools that once again prove that the Earth is a spheroid.

"Marine maps have been designed with this in mind, and the mere fact that GPS receives information from satellites that" orbit "our planet proves that the Earth is spherical," said former cruise captain and maritime court expert Henry Keijer. British Guardian.

But it will not stop the terraplanists, who met at the 1st International Conference on Tierra Plana in November 2017, organized by North Carolina (USA), author of documentary films on Robin Davidson.

Davidson began the conference, declaring that the overall goal is "true earth science" and that it was "the beginning of a revolution that will affect millions of people."

If you want to participate in this "expedition", you can register further link .

With information from RT, The Guardian, BBC.

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