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Strong contradictions in "Aquaman" Jason Momoa's video trick "unreasonably touches" his 11-year-old girl Glamorama


Author: C. Farías / January 13, 2019

Just when Aquaman becomes the greatest global success with more than one billion dollars, Hero Jason Momoa faces the loss of "false news".

Last week, a Brazilian tweet edited a video of the 39-year-old's public appearance in his native Hawaii – I'll find the original video that was changed here.

Days before Christmas, Aquaman's hero led the film to Honolulu for money for the Children's Fund.

Momoa traveled with his two children: Lolu, 11, and Nakoa-Wolf, 9. And before the film, he received the dignity that moved him to tears.

At that point, Jason is focused, standing and surrounded by his children. The actor looks very moved to a dance group performing choreography to get him while he expects his little ones.

This video clip was edited and digitally altered by a Brazilian Twitter user, so it seems that Momoa unreasonably touches her daughter who takes her hand.

Twitter added a video with a message: "Hello Jason Momoa, should I tell you about human waste? I don't care if the girl is her daughter or not, but she looks at her as uncomfortable. Look at her hand, do you support it?" "

As has happened in so many cases of false news in the age of social networks, the manipulated video virus created a negative comment wave.

The dispute took place in Latin America because no important means of communication in the United States have addressed this issue.

And the same Latino media that published this weekend that the actor acted on this issue and used legal remedies against the video author, who is hurting him who has already deleted images from the internet.

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