Friday , January 28 2022

Steffi Méndez and his mature changes to Instagram to get millions of followers


A few days ago Steffi Méndez managed to reach millions of followers on Instagram, but it was not easy, though a little change helped a lot.

Dj Méndez's daughter He discovered what he did to grow his account to reach that big number confirming that he has received assistance from the Casa Emma photo studio.

Mathias Wehrhahn (author of the study) He told me that he was not defined as a person on Instagram, that you had to find a character, goal, color spectrum, because my Instagram was very dirty. Suddenly I uploaded black-and-white photos, or the postures and other technical details were not correct, ”says LUN for the newspaper.

Girl for 23 years He noted that he had learned to create and, thanks to the photographic studio she feels like an "elite model".

It opened up what helped me to create the image I wanted to design. "One of the A woman with character and who gets things through a lot of effort and dedication …"

Here you can see the picture with which he marked his millions of followers.

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