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Spooky is every Korean football player

Lee Seung-mo is a new Korean footballer who was the main character of the painful injuries while he played the game on the 36th day in the South Korean league against Daejeon citizen. A 20-year-old defender headed for a fight for a ball up and lost stability, dropping with all body weight on his neck.

The player's huge influence affects all the players in the game Daejeon World Stadium, from viewers to the same players and assistants who walked quickly to help him. Lee Seung-mo He is out of danger, but in hospital they have to spend two weeks.

In turn, the star guard from Gwangju FC He said he did not remember anything after this jump. Once doctors told the clinic that the soccer player had a break three cervical vertebrae and left hand fracture.

"He only remembers that he jumps up and then loses his memory until he hits the emergency room. Recalling knowledge after arriving at Yuseong-Sun Hospital, "informed the club spokesman that the extra player" is being discharged from the hospital two or three weeks after the stabilization and restoration, as there are no other anomalies, "he concluded. Representative of the Gwangju FC. from two to three months.

Your team Gwangju Football Club could not with his opponent and dropped by 1-0. With victory Daejeon the sum is 53 points and is in the fourth position in the second division of the Korean league, led by Ansan Mugunghwa with 73 units. It should be noted that Lee Seung-mo I was part of the last team that won the gold medal South korea In Asian games, the famous Tottehnam football player, Son Heung-min, escaped troops from the shrine.

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