Monday , August 26 2019


Every day there are millions of users who use WhatsApp to communicate with their friends, family or colleagues. Although this free platform meant great progress in communication, it also caused several problems for some people.

Privacy is one aspect that has hampered some users. Exposure of a person since its appearance WhatsApp It is much larger than in earlier times when there was just a phone call to contact a person.

However, there are some ways to get the platform busy without showing that we are connected and available to respond to the message.

Many times we do not want to reply to a message to not show it "online" but with a simple trick you can use the platform without "log in".

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The trick is simple. If we want to reply to a message without showing it available, we must first receive a message "unwanted" and then, when entering WhatsApp, the phone must be inserted "Airplane mode".

When the phone is in this mode, you must enter WhatsApp. In the program, you can review and reply to received messages, but the text will not be sent immediately because we do not have a connection.

After you write the message and press the send button, you have to go WhatsApp and disable "Airplane Mode". In this way, the message is sent to the person if it appears in the application.

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