Friday , January 28 2022

Skies Unknown prepares his work with this amazing advance


After several desirable and kinematic advances that reminded us how epic is his saga, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is about to lift it to PC and consoles with its launch trailer. One of them does not preserve explosion hazardbut it also reminds us that there is a very complex background.

Bandai Namco returns to pull the muscles out of the air combat experience we'll see at the end of this week. Keys? Inevitable collision between two countries, which will be solved in intense air struggle and promise unpolluted technical section.

In fact, and as we will see on the trailer, realism does not remain in the airplane models, but as climatology will affect our performance in the air.

It should be added that along with the use of virtual reality one of the most interesting points of delivery will be your multiplayer proposalthat includes mode Battle Royale. How not!

Finally, in recent days, Bandai namco has offered advance payments on some planes that will be available in this game.

Again Ace Combat it combines prototypes and futuristic designs with real planes that are refurbished in detail – both on the outside and in cabins – thanks to the Unreal Engine. Here you can see three examples of what you will find in heaven.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown I have asked myself, but I definitely want to fill up with content and sit down in the most common air struggles. And he has what it takes to get it.

Become an aviation eye and fly through the photorealistic sky with 360 degree movements, kill enemy planes and enjoy realistic takeoff! Air battle has never been better!

At this moment Ace Combat 7 will be available from January 18 on Xbox One and PS4 on arrival at Steam, starting February 1, with additional aircraft as a backup incentive in all cases.

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