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Shooting at the Boss Amateur Party ends with one death and two injured – Country


Shooting at the Burin Amateur Party ends with one death and several wounds

The shooting had started when the grief between the football team bars they were facing began. Two injured patients were sent to the Barros Luco Hospital. Tvn


With one dead and two injured completed to argue Amateur during the game football in the commune Buin, because Metropolitan Region.

Everything happened fifty and thirty in the afternoon from this Sunday, when two teams played the football game at Cerrillo Linderos de Buin and a discussion between bars.

The fight continued until it was shootout which projectiles have reached three people. One of the people died and the other two were obtained the hospital Barros Lucowhere they stay reserved for natural injuries.

Church persecutor Attorney North Center, Andrea Contreras OS9 and Carabiner Criminalistics Laboratory to determine the circumstances under which Shooting.

Photo: twitter / jiam12.

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