Thursday , March 30 2023

Share Netflix will end … or you want this software


The British company is trying to hunt down those who use other keys and make them pay

How many people do you share your account with? (Source: Netflix)

Netflix, Amazon and other platforms are designed to be used by each client in their home, sometimes with multiple simultaneous devices. But without the demarcation of the space, Many customers share access codes with family and friends to allocate subscription costs. In fact, a recent survey claimed that 26% of the millennium Americans used shared accounts that could be calculated.

According to the Consumer Electronics Exhibition 2019, an event that recently took place in Las Vegas a Startup British name Synamedia introduced by artificial intelligence tool which will allow platforms streaming there is accurate information on the use of user accounts. The purpose of measuring it would be precisely that companies such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon can determine whether user passwords are shared too many people.

Sharing Qualification Data, which is the name of the tool will reveal unusual or extreme patterns client accounts so the platform can decide whether it is being abused. It will measure, for example, logon patterns and match both the geographical location and the user's taste to determine if the same person moving between two sites or different, but also ready to allow a change of location that seems logical, such as login instead of vacation.

"Share credentials Platform override becomes too expensive. Our solution will enable them to act, ”says Jean Marc Racine, Product Manager for Synamedia. In his view, platforms should get as many subscribers as possible by addressing this "problem" and offering more expensive rates to customers who want to share an account with multiple people.

However, it is just an invention that Synamedia is trying to deploy on platforms there is no indication that any of them has shown interest and they can never achieve it. A few years ago, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said: "We love the fact that people share Netflix." We don't know if he will change his mind.

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