Tuesday , March 21 2023

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus receive 3C certification


Each time there are fewer on February 20th, there are more and more rumors about Galaxy S10.

That's what we know today standard version and Plus option from the (future) new range flagship initiatives from Samsung they got the 3C certificate.

Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus certified in China

The image displayed above these lines is the capture of the relevant 3C certification document. It is characteristic of China. It is designed for future technological products.

The truth of this illustration is that many technical data cannot be skipped. The only thing he does is provides 4G LTE connection – Not mentioned here 5G.

In addition, the identified serial numbers are SM-G9730 and SM-G9750. The first would be the "total" Galaxy S10 (so to speak), while the other would match the Plus option.

Finally, both will be available with EP-TA200 Travel Charger Output 9.0V-1.67A or 5.0V-2.0A. In other words, they will support fast loading.

And here came the leak of this event. Although it does not provide surprising data, it adds to all the previous rumors. We know practically everything about Samsung's next leading role.

Source: MySmartPrice

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