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Resident Evil on Netflix: Release Date, Trailer, Story, Actors, Characters and Everything Known So far TV | Series

In the 1990s, video games were changed, but one of the most important was to create Survival horrors, a subgroup of terror and survival named afterSilent Hill"and"Resident Evil", two major representatives.

The latter is recognized worldwide as an essential part of zombie inclusion in video games, as well as providing new air for these mythical characters created by George A. Romero.

Now the franchise is in everyone's mouth again for two reasons. First of all, it has been published after many years, waiting for the Resident Evil 2 redesign, which is considered one of the best franchise names. After that Netflix He took the opportunity to announce that he was working on the new legendary Saga television series.

In this article, we will gather all the information about the next series "Resident Evil", manufactures Netflix and Constantin Film, the same German studio that played the movies that looked Milla Jovovich

History of "Resident Evil" by Netflix

Everything indicates that the new series "Resident Evil will tell you the original parts of the story of the video game franchise. The same thing happened to the film's franchise, but it was a bit different from creating a universe for customizing movies.

In short, the first games "Resident Evil follow a group of police officers Jenot, the city, which investigates strange events in the mountains of Arklay, located a few kilometers from the city. They discover that the pharmaceutical company Umbrella Corporation has developed T-virus– A virus outbreak that turns people into zombies. Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield and Barry Burton, the only special teams survived S.T.A.R.S. from this mission they return to the city to report it, but no one sees it.

It will take some time for the virus to spread through Raccoon City, forcing the US government to bomb the city to hide all the evidence of the virus. They will Leon S. Kennedy– rookie police officer arriving on his first day of work, and Claire Redfield, Chris's sister, who will unveil the Umbrella Operations Center and the new disease outbreak – virus-G before everything flies in the air.

In parallel, the entire team of Jill Valentine travels abroad to fight the umbrella, but she remains to help the population control the epidemic. However, her efforts are in vain, so she is now one of the few survivors who, in addition to the zombies, have to fight against Nemesis, the biological weapon created by the pharmaceutical company to eliminate all S.T.A.R.S.

Part FourResident Evil"The game becomes one action, and the mutations are diverse because it has spread across several parts of the world." An umbrella would not be the only threat, as several bioterrorist groups would have bought black market modifications.

"Resident Evil" Production by Netflix

Obviously everything indicates that the production of the series "Resident Evil"about Netflix It started at the end of January 2019 Due date, with rather stable information as if it were a direct source of production that provided data.

In accordance with Due date, Series "Resident Evil"It would be planned to expand its mythology of the universe, but it will maintain its basic function, which also served its films, and it will include all the main elements of saga along with recognizable sequences of action Easter eggs.

Those responsible for production would be Constantin Film, the same who produced the entire film franchise,Resident Evil"since 2002. Paul W.S. Anderson had six of these films ended in 2016 with"Resident Evil: Final Chapter"

Apparently, the company would have planned to resume the movies from that date, including television. According to the media report, it will look for a new exhibition manager. However, the company recently recruited Johannes Roberts to write and manageResident Evil with new casting.

Resident Evil actors and characters on Netflix

Although members have not yet been approved or any video game characters will appear in the TV series, some of the key characters in the series may appear in the opening chapters. Netflix:

  • Chris Redfield – The Actor to be Approved
  • Jill Valentine – Actress Approved
  • Leon S. Kennedy – The Actor to be Approved
  • Claire Redfield – Actress Approved
  • Ada Wong – Actress to be Approved
  • Rebecca cameras – Actress must be approved
  • Billy Coen – Actor must be approved
  • William Birkin – The Actor to be Approved
  • Albert Wesker – The actor must be approved
  • Carlos Oliveira – The Actor to be Approved
  • HUNK – Actor must approve

Resident Evil Netflix trailer

At this early stage of development there is still no record in the series record. It is still a long time to get an official idea of ​​this new production Netflix, although the same Capcom distribution in the franchise published live video on "Resident Evil 2: Remake, which could give an idea of ​​where it will be.

"Resident Evil" Premiere of Netflix

Typically, the series begins to run secretly in terms of time and privacy with output. They need a long time to organize castings, locations, scripts, and recording devices to participate, as well as determine whether they will be the same for all episodes.

Series "Resident Evil"It will not be an exception, so if its production started in January 2019, as announced. T Due dateits official release is likely to be available in the first half of 2020. This means there are no delays or problems that might arise Capcom with your franchise.

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